Vanished Like A Terror Suspect In A Police State

SpamCop Mail Bundle given full end-of-life status. (more)

A full year after revoked our reporting privileges and well after the release of Tiger, it's time to bid farewell to our reporting bundle once and for all. Unfortunately, registrations dried up completely after we announced we could no longer support the product. That was the complete opposite of what we wanted, forcing us to kill the code instead of being able to make it open source under our Serviceware plan.

In the larger picture, it has made us rethink the exact implementation of Serviceware registrations and our aims of open source. You may have noticed that other software on the site hasn't been updated in a while and, indeed, this is the first news items of 2005. In truth, many things have been updated internally this year, but we simply haven't had the community feedback we normally have had as an incentive to release them. Apple's Tiger release in particular is known to have broken a few things, but not a single user has reported an issue. At this point we're debating whether to move those items from Software into Sty, or to just end-of-life them outright and worry about other things.

Don't confuse this as begging for registrations. Our main income source is still contract development and the site freebies are just there for your amusement and ours. Registration does get you extra benefits, but at this point (other than in download logs) we don't really see a basic interest in the do-dads we have up. So it's more a case of "speak now or forever hold your peace", because we'll be cleaning house early next month so you'd better write us if you don't want to find something you like pushing up daisies.