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People Working
People at work, getting things done. Who are these people? We have no idea; it's a stock photo.

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Subsume Technologies is a full-service software consulting agency that specializes in the delivery of small (< US$100K) and mid (< US$500K) sized projects. We focus on the leveraging of sound object-oriented designs to benefit a company's entire information space. Whether it's a simple mobile application for data interchange or a fully dynamic, personalized corporate web site, Subsume Technologies has the skills you need to ensure the success of your project. Contact us to discuss the details.

Doc on SV650
Subsume Technologies' President, Doc O'Leary, on a closed course (photo by Chris Ellickson).

Sometimes Stability Comes With Speed

At Subsume Technologies, we understand that projects may actually be more shaky and difficult to manage if they are moving too slow. Even if you are already behind schedule, it is not too late to bring us in and get things back on track. Your only alternative may be to crash and burn!

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