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səb'soōm  (verb, transitive)

  1. to take up into or under, as individual under species, species under genus, or particular under universal
  2. to include or place within something larger or more comprehensive
  3. to encompass as a subordinate or component element
  4. to classify, consider, or include (an idea, proposition, or the like) in a more comprehensive or general category or principle
  5. to consider (a case, act, or the like) to be covered by a general rule

All classic dictionary definitions of the word. Yet they don't quite capture the intense feelings that it evokes at Subsume Technologies. The concept of subsumption guides the business whether we deal with objects in the computer or people in the workplace. Our own, expanding definitions:

  1. to categorize
  2. to place within a group
  3. to assemble a whole that is more than the sum of its parts
  4. to maintain an enduring sense of self, yet still fill a critical role in a team; to be your own cog and, in doing so, add value to the machine