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The Pea

Subsume Technologies tends to maintain a low working profile. You'll probably never get details of our relationships with companies like US West/Qwest/CenturyLink or the Swiss Bank. It is not unusual to find us working for a company that's working with a company that's doing a project for a company that has a client with a division that has the real need. These corporate layers may cover our presence most of the time, but sometimes we are noticed, if not by name then at least by the quality of our work.

MEI Research

For a National Cancer Institute SBIR, we assisted in the architecture and implementation of a platform to gather and process data from a wide variety of sensor devices. This included study management features to track participants and device assignments. Phase I of the project has already been successfully completed, leading to an expanded Phase II effort that began in late 2013.

BOSS Hugo Boss

With its premier, the promotion of the BOSS Hugo Boss fragrance involved giveaways of product samples and entry into a sweepstakes. Our efforts involved writing the application that gathered user information, processed it, and stored it in a database. This campaign is now over.

Our efforts were brought to bear with some serious issues in this information site for expecting and new mothers, most noticeably the extremely long processing time when registering as a new user. We reduced that time from 3-5 minutes to 3-5 seconds, an upwards improvement of two orders of magnitude! We also did further code enhancement to improve the responsiveness, stability, and maintainability of the application. This campaign is now over.