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It's Just A Matter Of Time

Press Release

The wCal service provides a bridge between web sites and scheduling software that supports the iCalendar format. It constantly monitors RSS feeds and creates calendars to keep you updated. Email us here with suggestions.


Available Calendars

Site Subscribe Updates (minutes) Retains (days)
iCalShare webcal 15 30
MacCentral webcal 15 30
Mac OS X Hints webcal 15 30
The Macintosh News Network webcal 15 30
MacSlash: A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion webcal 15 30
Slashdot: Apple webcal 30 30
Nooface: In Search of the Post-PC Interface webcal 60 30
Apple Hot News webcal 60 30
Subsume Technologies, Inc. webcal 60 30