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SpamCop 1.2.2 for Mac OS X 10.2.x
SpamCop 1.1.0 for Mac OS X 10.1.x

SpamCop 1.3.2

Mac OS X Mail Bundle

This software has been demoted to idle mode. For details, see the Demoted section.


The SpamCop bundle for Apple's Mac OS X Mail client makes it much easier to use the reporting service when dealing with spam. To use it properly, you need to sign up for (at least) a free reporting account at

If you are using Apple's Mail application on Mac OS X to read your email, you will find that it will not forward messages easily/properly for spam reporting. The site does now properly accept web submissions from Mail (and as of 10.2, Mail now generates better source text), but the process is very tedious. You would have to select a spam message and then the menu item View->Show->Raw Source, click on that text, do a Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy, switch over to your browser, click on your SpamCop bookmark, click in the text area, Edit->Paste, and click on the "Process Spam" button to submit it. Whew! And you had to do that for every message. With the SpamCop Mail bundle, it becomes a single menu selection, and you can submit all your spam at once!

Installation gives the Mail application a new Message menu item, Report Spam, just under the Bounce To Sender item. Select any number of messages in the Mailbox list and use this new menu item to generate and submit the web reports for processing. Both web and email submissions are supported, configured by a handy Preference item in Mail.