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Everywhere Is Here

Press Release

When we recently added MacUpdate and VersionTracker to our wCal service, what we saw immediately got us working on a better solution. As luck would have it, it turned out to be a solution that addressed a reason we began offering the devPush service.

Software starts out on the site of the developer/publisher. Very few people would see that; mostly existing users and people who happen to stumble across it in a web search. So the software is listed on a tracking/update site that caters to listing available software. The problem is that each listing requires manual submission by developers, and on the user side it required people to keep track of multiple tracking sites.

Even then, few users have time to pour over multiple sites. As the cluttered calendar also shows, there were often duplicates on the multiple sites that users had to puzzle out. These sites offer RSS feeds of their information, but still working with raw listings didn't do much to organize the flow. Clearly a better way of tracking across sites should be offered!

Mac Aggregate Tracker

The Mac Aggregate Tracker (MAT) is a meta-tracker that goes out and gets the release listings from a number of other sites, attempts to normalize the information, and then pools releases together into a single listing that the user can pick and choose from. It organizes releases by date (from newest to oldest), and gives the sites listing software in the order they listed it. The description is from the site that first listed the release, but you can click on any icon for it to get to the corresponding site's listing.

For the developer, it now means they can list their software on whatever tracking site they want. There is no longer the concern that people who like VersionTracker won't see your MacUpdate listing, or vice versa. With MAT, it's all available for users in one convenient place, and we hope this makes releasing new software easier for both developers and users alike.

That is by no means where we plan to stop with MAT. We are already offering the listing as an RSS feed of its own, and we are looking at providing other useful ways of sharing the data. Email us here with your suggestions for improving the service. In particular, we'd love to add other sites that track software updates.